November meeting minutes

November 6th, 2023

Meeting Minutes


Mayor Ruth Riley opened the meeting at 6PM with council members Deanna Gibson, Lexee Bonus and John Richardson present.

Council member Gibson approved the October minutes and the October financials with a second by Bonus followed by all ayes.

Fire Chief Cooper said it was a busy month with 8 calls in 11 days and assisting Greene County with a large field fire. The Halloween soup supper was a success and a great turnout. Chief Copper thanked all the volunteers for their part in the fund raiser.

EMA will be having a meeting Thursday November 9th in Guthrie with Region XII present to discuss the Hazard Mitigation Plan. The meeting will be about a pre-budget discussion.

Auditor Jim Cunningham will be doing an audit on the town from a petition from residents for the last fiscal year. They are not sure how much it will cost the town yet since it goes by how long it takes to complete.

The council decided to extend the maintenance position ad for another 2 weeks before going forward. The County will be posting Jake Brake signs on Highway 141 for the city limits of Bagley. The council had decided to grant the last Yard of the Month for Christmas Decorations, so get your blowup out ready to go. The council also decided to grant residents to keep 6 chickens only. Residents must wait until a resolution is passed so it probably won’t take effect until next year. We received a quote of $1694.76 from Alborn Family Farms to repair the snowplow which the council approved.

I just want to remind everyone that the Town of Bagley now has a website where minutes and news will be posted.

Gibson made a motion to adjourn with a second by Richardson followed by all ayes.