City Hall City Staff Mayor/Council
207 Main Street Bagley, IA 50026 City Clerk: Jennifer Ingles Mayor: Glen Foresman
Email: cityofbagley @ City Maintenance: Duane Delp Council: Emily Chapman
Phone: (641) 427-5600   Council: Lexee Bonus
    Council: Deanna Gibson
    Council: Daphne Clark
    Council: Kylie Carmichael

Community Building

The City of Bagley maintains a community building that can be rented out for private events. The charge to rent the room is $70 and there is a $20 cleaning fee, which is returned if you clean after use.

Bagley Post Office

Window Hours: Monday – Friday 8 am to Noon; Saturday 8-9 am

Lobby Hours: 24 hours

Bagley Brush Pile

The City of Bagley offers a place for residents to bring their tree limbs to be burned. No other items should be placed there. Do not dump cement, metal of any kind, appliances, garden refuse, rocks, any painted wood or wood with nails, furniture of any kinds, garbage or trash at the City brush pile. The City would appreciate if residents followed these guidelines and didn’t abuse the service. The council reserves the right to discontinue this service if it is abused. In that event, there would not be anything allowed to be placed at this location and burned except for official city use.

Dog License

The City of Bagley requires an annual dog license, $10 for dogs that are spayed or neutered and $20 if not. Dogs must be kept on a leash or in a fenced yard. There is a limit of two dogs. Dog licenses expire on January 1st. Dog owners must submit vet receipt showing date of rabies vaccination.

Garbage & Recycling Pick-up

The City of Bagley contracts with Stone Trucking for trash and recycling pickup.

Trash pickup is on Wednesdays and should be placed out by the street/curb by 10 am on those days.

Recycling pickup is on the 1st Wednesday of the month unless it falls on a holiday. The recycling should be set out with the garbage on these days.