December Minutes

City of Bagley

December 4th, 2023

Meeting Minutes


The meeting opened at 6pm by Mayor Riley with Deanna Gibson, Lexee Bonus and Ken Beaudet present with Daphne Clark and John Richardson joining later.

Council member Beaudet made a motion to approve the November financials and minutes with a second by Gibson followed by all ayes.

Fire Chief Cooper said they had a good month with Santa being a hit with the kids and adults. They had less kids this year but the 20 kids who came enjoyed the hayride and Santa. The fire department does need a new air compressor and Chief Cooper is getting quotes. EMA department will be having their budget meeting on Thursday December 14th in Greenfield.

The Bagley Public Library had a electrical issue that caused the south side of the building to lose power, which the electrician was able to fix the outside light that caused the issue.

Resident Janet Bennett wanted to thank the Bagley Fire Department for their service and their commitment to the community.

The public hearing for the Code of Ordinances was held with no objections and a motion was made by council member Bonus to close with a second by Clark. Council member Clark made a motion to waive the 2nd & 3rd readings with a second by Bonus. Bonus made a motion to approve the new Code of Ordinances with Gibson as a second. The public hearing was closed by Mayor Riley.

The City of Bagley will be holding a meeting to interview the candidates for the maintenance position as soon as possible. Council member Beaudet made a motion to give old maintenance people Tim Chapman and Ted Scheuermann a yearly bonus and Gibson made a motion to give the clerk a bonus also with a second by Beaudet.

The city will be handing out the last Yard of the Month to the resident that has the best holidays display. For the residents of Bagley are asked to vote for their favorite yard by December 18th. Drop off your suggestions to city hall.

The council set the January 2024 meeting date for January 8th since the regular date falls on a holiday. The city clerk asked to go to the workshop classes that the League of Cities has for later this month with all council okaying.

Council member Richardson made a motion to adjourn the meeting with Beaudet seconded.